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    Feedback - some simple suggestions


      Using CS for about one month.  Previous experience 4 years AD

      A few simple updates that would improve user experience

      1      When displaying a user local library in projects area this should be in alphabetic order - not random as it is at present ie similar to AD

      2      Also need alphabetic sort when selecting a footprint for a schematic

      3     when on pcb layout - right click to be able to select an 'origin' and/or  change imperial to metric (Ad uses shortcuts)

      4     Need a 'File Save As' facility - pretty urgently!!


      can supply screen shots of issues if required


      Julian Dinsdale

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          Good suggestions.


          1) I think it does sort alphabetically if you click on the column header within the SCH Library view.

          3) You can do change imperial/metric with keystrokes, it is a bit cumbersome (Alt-h G M or Alt-h G I) but not too bad once you do it enough it becomes something you don't think about.  Sometimes you can use CTRL-Q to flip between imperial and metric; this method works in submenus but not from the main PCB window. 

          4) If you mean a 'File Save A Copy As' then I agree it would be helpful.  Instead I just go out and do it within Windows.

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              Thanks for the feedback

              unfortunately I still cannot find any facility to sort alphabetically.  I agree the library pane on the RHS of my screen can be sorted.but the library schematic and footprint files cannot.  In AD there is a button to sort this.  It feels like the software designers just don’t care or they have never used CS in the real world.

              thanks for the info re the keystrokes.  I think it will be easier to clunky go to the menus !!

              Yes , “Filr Save a Copy As” would be really useful