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    Deleting Content


      Dear E14 Content team and fellow E14 members,


      Looking at the content quality on Element14 I'm sure I am not the only person who spends many days creating a roadtest application or detailing a project progress. Whilst editing I am always aware that a careless slip with the mouse will activate the 'delete' option. The risk of this increases dramatically towards the end as I flip back and forth with the editor making sure my content layout looks correct on screen, tweaking the text again and again. I'm sure I've clicked the delete before and lost the entire article. What I often do now is to switch to HTML mode in the Jive editor, select the entire text and paste it into a text editor and then save it.


      Therefore I wonder it is possible to setup Jive to prompt for confirmation when deleting content?


      Alternatively, is there a bin that if we ask nicely we can have content restored from?

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          Dudley Nelson

          Hey 14rhb ,


          Oh dear. That doesn't sound good, and I'm not sure I want to know about what triggered this request


          However, it's feasible we might be able to get whatever content you've lost back if you give me some details. Feel free to move to private messaging if that is easier or preferable.


          As for your request - the system should popup a warning before deleting content.



          It could be you've hit on a circumstance that doesn't popup the popup of course, at which point I'll put in a ticket to get that changed.



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