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    reproducing sine wave accurately


      I am using a cortex M0 microcontroller. i am giving a  sine wave input of 1 Hz. this input signal is given to a 12 bit adc and this converted data is given to uart This uart data Im plotting through a serial plotter.



      how to get a smooth sine wave? from the uart data.

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          So many things could be wrong that it's hard to know where to start suggesting.


          What does you code do, and where did it come from.


          How fast are you sampling, how is the data being presented to the UART (binary, text ???)


          What hardware and programming/debugging tools are you using.


          The amplitude of the samples may be a clue: The 12 bit ADC will give readings from 0 - 4097, but your plot is showing data in the range 7.5E8 to 9.5E8 - that's not right.



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