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    Anyone have any luck using the ESP32 IDF


      I need to use the monitor mode on ESP32 for a project. Of course that is not possible using the arduino IDE so I followed Espressifs guide on installing the IDF and auuuuuuuuguh I am not sure I know what I'm doing


      Preferably I'd like to program in good old fashioned c++ but I'm not sure how to send some C++ to the ESP32 since the IDF barely works and I'm wondering if anyone's even successfully used it.

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          I'd say that the ESP-IDF is quite mature at the moment and has numerous examples to get you up and running.

          What environment are you going to use for building the ESP32 projects? Windows?


          Once you can set the whole thing up and compile your first blink example (or something more complex, of course), adding support for C++ will be easy.

          That being said, the development environment is not that great if you come from a background where you used IDEs for building and debugging applications. ESP32 development tools don't integrate all that well with IDEs like Eclipse right now. Command line is the way to go (and very easy to use).


          If you still really want a paid, easy way to work with IDF, I'd suggest using VisualGDB for ESP32. Doesn't cost much, but is very smooth to work with.