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    Need 2019 BSP for Ultra96-V2 board with Xilinx kernel 4.19 support


      Hi Avnet Team,


      As my requirement is to use Xilinx 4.19 kernel, I check on Xilinx forum and they have responded that 2019 BSP is not available for Ultra-96 V2.

      I tried to some experiments where I modifed few bitbake files in Petalinux 2018.3 to fetch Xilinx 4.19 kernel and Its successfully compiled.

      But kernel hangs while booting due to device tree mismatch between Petalinux2018.3 and Xilinx 4.19 kernel.

      Hence please let me know when the 2019 BSP with Xilinx kernel 4.19  will be available.