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    Laggy Element 14 7" PI touch screen


      Hi there,


      I'm running Retropie and I'm experiencing constant lag on loading screens and in all games in a rhythmic pattern in conjunction with the sound. I have a "Element 14 Raspberry Pi 7" Touch Screen Display" connected to a PI 3 B+ via. the provided ribbon and jumper wires. I've done all the suggested updates. Between loading screens I get this error: 1V10 volume control :: init() - failed to find mixer elements. I have multiple Pies and SD card builds that all work perfectly with HDMI tvs and monitors, but all have the same lag issue with this screen.


      Thanks in advance,


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          Hi William, I would definitely recommend posting about this in the Raspberry Pi space, there's lots of discussion there around various Pi accessories and working with them.

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            Hi Will,


            I don't know the answer, so just to give you something to work on meanwhile, I think it's almost definitely a sound related issue and not a display related issue (despite seeing the effect being lag on the screen). The lag on the screen is likely application related (not driver related) - I'm guessing the application may be waiting for audio to be played out (it is one possible code implementation, I don't know what the game emulator actually does), and timeouts as a result in the code could be causing the slower update. If there is an option to disable audio in the game emulator (just as a test) that could be worth trying out, to see if it improves the display output.

            I don't know what the end solution is, other than trying to debug the audio (e.g. enabling verbose debug if the emulator supports it, or googling for resolving audio issues, it is beyond my knowledge area.