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    Peg Board Accessories?!


      It's official, the ink has dried and by the end of the month I will be the owner of a new house... a real people house... with a roof... a door... and most importantly...  with a Garage. My maker and engineer project instincts have kicked into overdrive. I need a workbench and Peg Board to organise the mass of tools littering boxes, bags and cupboard in my currently rented house.


      As an avid 3D Printing fan, I have found this great list of Peg Board mods on Thinginverse, including caliper holders, bottle openers, 3D printing Spool holder:





      My question to you is: 
      What should I add to my Peg Board tool set up?
      Have you a self built or 3D printable accessory of value I should add?



      Best Suggestion in the element14 office so far has been from cstanton, declining the beer and coffee holder and vastly improved it as a Kitten holder.