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    Using external reference TCXO on PicoZed


      I have a question regarding the PicoZED 7030 SOM.  We are considering using it in an upcoming baseband module, and I was wondering if you could help me with a question regarding the onboard clock oscillator. On our current (existing) baseband module, we use a VT-803 TCXO for the 52MHz reference.  This part (VT-803) has an overall stability (including aging) of less than 10ppm.  The PicoZED uses a Abracon ASDMB MEMS oscillator that has at best 10ppm of stability (with an additional 5ppm for aging).


      Is there a different part that could be used in place of this MEMS oscillator, or can we feed in our own clock reference to the PicoZED?