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    Input for 2.5" LCD in a Blaupunkt HD Dashcam


      Hello, and thank you for reading my topic. I recently bought a "2.5" LCD HD Dashcam" from the Blaupunkt brand (BPDV122), although I am aware they have just used this design from another company.



      I took it apart in hopes of using its LCD screen for another project. I couldn't find any specifications online, however I did find a lot of links to Remont-Aud. Many users there have disassembled similar models or the same model.





      The Dashcam comes in two boards connected with a 24-pin AWM 20624 ribbon cable. The first board has the camera, LED lights, SD card reader, USB port, speaker, power on button, and record/select button. The second board has the 2.5" LCD screen and four buttons (Menu, up, down, and mode).


      This video shows the teardown of one of these models: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rKeAGffMmJI


      I wish to use the LCD screen from this Dascam with a Raspberry Pi Zero..the quality of the camera aspect wasn't important to me. If anyone here can help me, it would be very appreciated.



      Board markings

      On the first board: JS-C007M MAIN_V1.2 2016-06-08

      On the second board: 20160507 and JS-C007M-LCD-V1.2

      On the LCD flex cable: H9341, SJ24N-3670F, and HXY