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    Plane Direct Connect




      I am looking to have a top plane with Relief Connects and a bottom plane with Direct Connect to the components.  I figured out how to create separate Design Rules and Constraints for the layers, but when I repour the planes, the bottom plane is not following this Constraint Rule and is defaulting to the original Relief Connect rule.




      Obviously missing something here - any help is appreciated.





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          I think you would define a class for the polygons and then make the rule based on the class.  Here is a link to where to define classes for polygons.


          Added Support for Polygon Classes | Online Documentation for Altium Products


          In the class window, right click and choose add class


          Make classes named TopLayerPolys and BtmLayerPolys and put the polygons you want into them.


          Then your rule for PolygonConnectTop would be first object matches Polygon Class > TopLayerPolys and second object is either all or Nets > GND.


          Same for bottom layer and adjust the priorities of the rules.



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              Excellent - thanks Thomas!


              Your solution helped me identify the root cause of my issue - I had created the rule under "Power Plane Connect Style" and not under the "Polygon Connect Style" dialog.  Hence, repouring the planes did nothing as they were not characterized as power planes in the first place.  Using the Polygon Connect Style and Polygon Classes makes sense now....


              Thanks again