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    Boot up Ultra96v2 v2.5 for Pynq image not working.


      I downloaded the Ultra96v2_v2.5 PYNQ image as described in this URL https://ultra96-pynq.readthedocs.io/en/latest/getting_started.html  and trying to boot up the board - but the boot up is not working.

      Unzipped it and copied the image to a Sandisk 16GB Micro SD card,

      The LEDs as described in link above comes up on the board, but the WiFi connections is not enabled. I don't see any pynq_<MAC ADDRESS> in my list of Wifi APs on my laptop.

      I am not connecting it thru USB, but would like to try the WiFi connections.
      The SD Card is formatted NTFS and is 16GB. The image is about 8 GB approx.
      I cannot format FAT16 since I get the message that there is not enough space . ( Googling it revealed that since it's FAT 16 - the 8GB image wont fit) so I had to NTFS format it.

      Any suggestions where this could have gone wrong. !

      The board I have is Ultra96v2, and I am trying to get the Pynq image booted up.


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          Just thought that I'd mention that I'm running on an Ultra96v2 with the v2.5 image and it works fine although I think that you may be correct about no AP on boot.  I'm using a USB to Ethernet adapter to connect.  I do not see the AP when I run ifconfig.  I do see the usb0 network interface on  I'd recommend that you try connecting over USB.  I have used the WiFi with this image (wlan0) and it works.  I also have a JTAG/UART pod so I don't use the usb0 connection much.


          I'm surprised that you needed to format your SD card as new ones are normally pre-fomatted to FAT32.