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    Drill File Crosshair


      Good day,

      I am sending my first PCB to a manufacturing house and have a small problem. When I output Gerber files for the drill guide. The holes are displayed as cross-hairs. My ''Fabhouse'' wants the Gerber file to be displayed as round holes. I am not sure why?.

      Can someone please assist, if it is possible to change the cross-hairs to round holes? or have I made a mistake along the way while designing.

      I have attached images for reference.

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          You'll want to use the NC Drill Files.  Generate both the Gerber files and NC Drill Files.  There should be a file with output extension *.TXT that contains the drills that the manufacturer needs.  If you have buried or blind vias, you'll need all of the *.TX* files (ie. TX1, TX2, etc.).