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      like STeve, I to am working on a portable solution, but mine is a tablet 1st laptop second.


      unfortunately i didnt have access to an awesome case like he found, but im working on it.


      until then i discovered a quandry. I have been so focused on battery power, and learned a great deal, that i didnt consider 'mains'.


      so i have a great lipo batter setup, and even a way to recharge it. however, what if i wanted to strictly work from ac?


      I know in current laptoops, usually you have 1 solution that charges the battery and runs the pc, unfortunately as folk have discovered, leave that plugged in too long and you dramatically shorten your battery life.


      what I see in my head, is 1 jack exiting the device, and right now that runs straight to my battery and power circuit, what i would like to do is provide a "slider" switch, that goes from the Jack to the slider then half of it goes to the current circuit, and the other way leads to a straight AC power circuit.


      When ac is plugged in you put it in position A, when its not position B and the battery is in line.


      anyone know how to wire such a critter or is there one i can buy? ive learned a lot, i just dont want to fry the whole thing.