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    cnc machine


      Thanks for your feedback, All of this is very new to me, But I have a few projects I am willing to start but I have to get my head around all these new terminology, and trying to figure out what equipment to buy.I know the dimensions of the sheet I have to cut and carve small laser dots on, But the equipment to cut the size is what gets me, Also, I have to be able to cut and carve laser dots on the sheet, Can one machine achieve this purpose?



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          You've posted the same question in three different places. Please don't do that - post in one place that looks like a good fit for your question.


          To learn about laser cutters/engravers just get busy with Google - there is loads of information out there.


          There are plenty of cheap machines if you don't mind nursing them along but if you want a proper industrial quality machine it will cost you several thousand £.