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    Default Password for the OS on my Pi3

      Dear Element14,


      I recently bought a "Raspberry Pi 3 Official Desktop Starter Kit 16Gb" made by you from Amazon. According to the instructions the default password to install new software etc. is "raspberry". The problem is, this Pi will not accept that as a password when I try to install new software, or any other management features where the OS requires the Admin password.


      Please advise.


      Many thanks,



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          Hi Mark, a good place to post questions regarding starting with the Raspberry Pi would be this space: Raspberry Pi.

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              Thanks for the reply, I hope I don't sound too blunt here...


              I've not got time really to start faffing with forums for a simple tech support question. I've bought a product made by Element14, their instructions tell me the default password is 'raspberry', if it's not, the manufacturer ought to be able to tell me why.


              Just as if I have an issue with an Asus motherboard, I can go to Asus and get their tech support, not have to fish around on a forum and get maybe 5 people's different opinions and get more confused.


              I do appreciate your time to post a reply so don't feel I don't, but I tried to send an Email to the manufacturer on their website and now I seem to be in some sort of forum.

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                  Hi Mark, here you've reached the element14 Community, which is a part of Farnell element14 (and Avnet above that), but we're not truly tech support for any given product.

                  Do you happen to have the link you used as an email to tech support, I'm not personally familiar with a linkage that would then cause a post to the feedback and support area, but this might be a community feature I'm not personally familiar with?

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                      Do you happen to have the link you used as an email to tech support, I'm not personally familiar with a linkage that would then cause a post to the feedback and support area, but this might be a community feature I'm not personally familiar with?

                      Here's a plausible scenario:


                      On the e14 home page, the footer has a link to "Feedback & Support".

                      That takes you to a page that has three boxes: "Community Support", "Technical Support", and "Store, Order & Delivery Support".

                      He clearly didn't want "Community Support", and didn't have a Delivery issue, so likely selected "Technical Support".

                      The first thing under "Technical Support" is a text box that says "Type your question",

                      as distinguished from the link below it that says "Report a Problem (Publicly)".

                      He probably didn't want to report his problem publicly, so he typed his question into the text box.

                      That brings up a page that looks like sending an email, with the subject line filled in with his question.

                      It doesn't include any warnings not to post private information because the question will be posted publicly.


                      He is by no means the first person to complain that his question was intended to be sent privately but ended up

                      being posted publicly.

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                      I understand your frustration.   I have bought many raspberry pi computers, I can assure you that the default password is always "raspberry".  But, can you give us more information?


                      Most important, do you know if you are using the Raspbian operating system?  The raspberry Pi can run one of several operating systems, and when people tell you the password is raspberry, the assumption is that you are using Raspbian.  Raspbian is by far the most popular. (other possible operating systems are libreELEC, ubuntu, ubuntu mate, risc OS.)  And, sorry to annoy you, but be sure you are spelling "raspberry' correctly, with no upper case letters.

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                    You can find the official documentation for the Raspberry Pi here:



                    Assuming you installed Raspbian OS using the NOOBS installer then the default password for the 'pi' user account is 'raspberry', however you can change this during the OS install process.


                    However the 'pi' user account is different from the superuser account which has unrestricted access for installing software and other management features.


                    Perhaps you might want to take a look at the documentation on the 'sudo' command:


                    which can be used in the 'pi' user account to run commands as the superuser for installing software.


                    You may also find the official Raspberry Pi Beginner's Guide useful which can be obtained from here:


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                      To be fair, this is technically not an issue with Raspberry Pi but is basically how most modern Linux distributions work. You can probably take a moment to read up online and find your answers - doing interesting things with a Raspberry Pi is not supposed to be a plug and play operation. Likewise, Asus in your example, as a motherboard manufacturer, has no reason to help you when your issue is with Windows, the operating system.


                      Most modern Linux distributions do not have a root password enabled by default to prevent directly logging in as the root user. However, one can work around this in a number of ways:

                      - "sudo <command>" will run one command as the superuser, taking a sudo-privileged user's password (of which the pi user is one).

                      - "sudo su" will put you into a superuser shell. Any command entered here will have full administrative privileges.

                      - "sudo passwd" will actually let you set the root user password. This is not recommended, as once set, login to the root user is enabled.


                      Leaving the pi user password as raspberry is highly dangerous and could lead to device compromise. It is highly recommend to change this with the passwd command.


                      - Gough

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                        To add to the confusion:   


                        I once had my keyboard set incorrectly for the keyboard I was using.  Since the password field did not show the characters I was typing, it had me confused for an hour.


                        The characters I was typing in did not match what the computer was getting.  I figured this out when I typed the password in a spot that it was visible as to what I was typing.


                        See ya',


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                            So yes the 'forum can of worms' I didn't want to get sucked into... sorry, no insult meant I do appreciate you are trying to be helpful so thank you for taking time to post a reply.


                            - The elemen14 website appeared to have an onboard Email form via the 'contact' link, which is what produced this thread.

                            - The help files are loaded into the OS and if I remember right come up as an electronic document accessible via the 'help' button in the drop-down menu from the top left of the screen.

                            - my keyboard is configured correctly as I checked I was typing the password on another application where I could see what I was typing.

                            - As for the reply in reference to my 'Asus' example, yes if I had installed my own software on the device I would be in agreement, but software pre-loaded by the manufacturer is a different matter in my opinion.

                            - I'm not as techy as I used to be, I've much bigger problems around health, benefits, and general security with housing etc to be able to spare the time to be faffing like this, hence just wanting to ask a straight question and get a straight answer. Not enter a forum discussion.


                            My solution is to find some time when I've clear a few of my bigger issues and reinstall an O/S suitable for this Pi but one I have more familiarity with, maybe something from the Ubuntu stable as I see they have 'Ubuntu Mate' (I think it's called) for the Pi. By doing that I will be in full control of what the admin settings are, and any further problems I may find... yes going to the relevant forum becomes the sensible thing to do.


                            Element 14, maybe you ought to be aware one of your customers has bought this Pi unit (as started at the top) from you, and has found the onboard help/instructions around installing new software doesn't match what the machine expects in terms of Admin password. Whether this is a one-off, or if you have a larger problem, I have no idea, but something you might want to look into at your side of things.


                            I will not be coming back to this thread, I've not the time nor energy given these bigger problems I need resolve around. I've my own solution as stated, you may consider this thread closed.


                            Thank you for your input however

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                                Man asks for help in the wrong place. Man nevertheless gets several high-quality answers from helpful bystanders, including the direct answer to his question. Man storms off in a huff saying he just wanted a straight answer to a straight question (which he received). Goodbye.

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                                    At least man left emoji of happy face along with token thanks.

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                                        This is a very sad thread!

                                        Man with computer experience buys widely popular computer, and runs into trouble attempting routine software installation.

                                        The installation software prompts for an Admin password, but man doesn't have it.

                                        Man reaches out to manufacturer, expecting a simple answer to a simple question, wanting the Admin password.

                                        Man's request is routed unexpectedly to a forum.

                                        Manufacturer responds on forum, but not with the answer to his question.  Manufacturer instead suggests he was wrong to post his question on the support forum, and suggests a different forum.

                                        Manufacturer apparently has no knowledge base to reference in answering such basic questions.

                                        Man has no interest in posting his question to a different forum, he just wants a simple answer to his simple question from manufacturer.

                                        Manufacturer sends second response, again suggesting that the element14 support forum is the wrong place for technical support of element14 products, but doesn't suggest how to contact the manufacturer's technical support.

                                        Forum members respond with good answers, but man addressed his question "Dear element14" and isn't interested in forum support, apparently isn't pleased with suggestions that he read the online documentation, and apparently doesn't see anything at first glance in any of the answers that looks like the Admin password he was prompted for, and has no basis for knowing whether forum members are trustworthy.

                                        Turns out man was apparently confused, and Raspbian as configured has no Admin password, contrary to what the software installation prompt expects, and likely contrary to man's previous OS experience.  Instead  you have to use sudo, as pointed out by several forum members.


                                        I think it would be helpful if the moderator would mark the correct answer.