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    Can' t select PCB Part with cursor?


      I lost the ability to select a part with the mouse on a PCB.  I can't grab and move a part.  I can "box a part with the cursor", but can't select it  So I do see lines drawn around the part..

      I think my PCB is lost now?  File may be fouled?  Something (bug?) happened?  I made a new blank PCB place one part on it, an I can select it for properties or move it?

      I find lots of things frustrating or missing in CircuitStudio.   I liked Protel years ago?  I really liked the "Global" option when editing something.   For instance,  I could change all vias on the pcb this way.  I also want to see a NETLIST out of the schematic editor.  I always could find problems with the Text of the netlist.

      I also can't figure out how to re-load a net list to the PCB once it is cleared.  So I lost my connection wires.


      Thanks Mike