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    Drill Symbol limit exceeded - CircuitStudio 1.5




      I´ve a problem when I generate gerber files from CircuitStudio 1.5 for a complex PCB.


      In the process to generate gerber files, the CircuitStudio launch the next message error:


      "Drill Symbol limit exceeded. System will switch to letter generation"


      I think that this message error appears in GD1 layer. This layer its necessary to poduce the PCB?


      The PCB in question have 4 layers and multiple pads and vias.


      I have review the gerver files with a gerber viewer and I think thats its correct. Only, in some drills appears letter to indicate a drill zone.


      It thats any problem to send this files to PCB Factory? The factory can be produced correct PCBs from this files.


      Thank you so much for the help