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    Zedboard for sale


      Hi guys hope.you are all well. I have several of these zedboard available for sale. Brand new sealed with the liscence and software for £150 gbp price includes delivery. Payments is through paypal so safe for both parties. If anyone is interested in purchasing please contact me  lukejade@virginmedia.com

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          Lukejade @ virginmedia . Com


          Postage outside of the uk will be slightly more. Collections are also welcome if you live in the uk


          My whatsapp +44 7731 967567

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              Hi Lee,


              Where did you come across these boards?


              I just wanted to let everyone know that we have encountered some fakes out there:


              These boards look similar, but only one is genuine ZedBoard:


              • Genuine ZedBoard does NOT have a SOM sticking out the top
              • Genuine ZedBoard HAS VITA 57.1 FMC
              • Genuine ZedBoard HAS official Avnet, Digilent, and Zed logos


              Best Regards,