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    Program picozed's QSPI flash through Ethernet




      I have a design that boots from QSPI on picozed board. The flash boot image consists of first stage boot loader (FSBL.elf),  FPGA (.bit) file and a standalone SDK application  (.elf) file (with TCP/IP Ethernet communication, no linux). I can program the QSPI from SDK via JTAG.  The picozed board will be installed in close box at a remote location.  I want to know if there is a document or a design that guide me to upgrade the QSPI image file via the Ethernet port.  This way, we can remote upgrade the firmware. I can image this might be a common user case.  From my understanding, the QSPI driver is available from SDK.  I need to know the Flash memory allocation of three files. If there is already a such design example, it will be great.


      Thanks in advance for the help.