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    Maaxboard setup Windows 10 IoT Core


      Dear community,

      we are a startup, our solution it is based on Windows 10 IoT Core.

      On the first stage of our life we selected Raspberry Pi3B, but based on lastes decision of Microsoft we bet for MaaxBoard that support Windows 10 IoT Core.


      I have several questions:


      1- Any help how to deploy Windows 10 IoT Core Operation System?

      2-Probably this is an stupid question, sorry for that.... Board it is setup with 2 only USB 3.0, but we are currently connected to our rapsberry Pi 4 usb devices, any one could confirm to me if it is possible use a external HUB as a laptop, it is windows 10 IoT support it?

      3-We need also test 5G, any one know if support 5G connections



      Kind regards