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    Ethernet Losing UDP Packets


      Problem summary:

      The Zedboard ™ appears to occasionally loose UDP packets across the ethernet interface.


      Hardware setup:

      2018.3 prebuilt binary (https://xilinx-wiki.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/A/pages/57639129/Zynq+2018.3+Release)


      Test setup:

      A UDP packet is sent to the Zedboard every 30 seconds, and a small program keeps count of received packets.

      After around 25 minutes: 50 packets sent, but only around 28 received.


      If I have a ping (ICMP) running in the background to the Zedboard ™, about 48 packets received, i.e. fewer are lost.


      It is almost as if the Ethernet goes into sleep mode after a while if it’s not being actively used.



      Is this normal behaviour? 

      Is there a way to switch this “sleep” mode off..?

      Could there be another problem I am not aware of?