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    .PCBLib libraries won't open



      I am new user of CS and I am having problems with the .PCBLib libraries. Every time I try to open a library, CS crashes. My library files are stored here on my PC: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Altium\CS\Library. I am using CS installed on a HP Envy 700, 2013, 28 GB RAM, i5-4430 CPU, and Windows 10 64 bit operating system. I can access each component's footprint through the schematic. But when I try to access the library directly the PCB editor will stall and CS crashes.  All the libraries are loaded into the project. I don't get any error messages. I had this problem about a month ago and I fixed it by re-installing the software. It's not a fun process and I was hoping someone might have a better fix.




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          Does this happen if you create a new library, close it and then reopen it?  There seem to be cases where one or more part in the library gets corrupted and crashes the library.


          If you have a smaller size library that does crash you might try to post it in the forum and someone can try to open it and verify whether they have the problem or not.

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            Hello Thomas,

            Thanks for the suggestion. I was able to get the libraries to open after I reloaded the program. So you are probably right. Everything is working fine now, but if I ever have this problem again I will try your suggestion.

            Happy New Year!

            Chuck Sampson