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    Dual screen funny business


      I've been using Circuit Studio from the start and have had no difficulty using the software on dual screens on my Win7 system.


      I am now upgrading to a Win10 box and the dual screen capability is not working properly. The two screens are working properly with other software, but not with Circuit Studio.


      I'm not using high resolution.  When I drag the tab to the other screen, and release the mouse button, the tab snaps back to the first screen. I was successful once but it doesn't work 99% of the time.


      I have CS v1.5.2. The computer is an HP Envy desktop, with integrated graphics card.


      Has anyone resolved this issue? Is it card related?

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          It works that way for me also.  If you want to pull one of the tabbed views to another window then right click on the tab and choose the Open In New Window option.  On my computer there is a brief delay and it opens up a new window that I can then drag to the other monitor.

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            Sorry Im just living with it for now. Its hard but it is possible to position the windows and use. most of the time.

            Sorry not the answer really.


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                Update from the OP (original poster):


                I was finally able to get my preferred graphics card installed. I was hoping this would fix the inability to merely drag a CircuitStudio tab from one screen to the other but, alas. No such luck. No change in operation from the integrated Intel Graphics 630.


                The card I've been using for some years in my Win7 box, the Nvidia Quadro 2000, is apparently incompatible with Win10 somehow. I had to go into the BIOS and disable the "Secure Boot" option to get it to work at all. This was one of the many "certified" cards recommended by SolidWorks and Draftsight, both of which I use, so I followed their recommendation. But it doesn't fix the issue in Circuit Studio, so I'm not willing to risk reduced security. So far it works with DraftSight, hopefully it will also work for SolidWorks.


                For now I will continue to use Thomas' work around which is to right click on the PcbDoc tab and open in a new window, then drag the new window to the other screen.


                So why CircuitStudio won't permit dragging a tab from one window to the next is anybody's guess.

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                    I purchased and installed a Win10 compatible graphics card recommended by one of the vendors whose mechanical CAD software I use, it works properly without having to disable Secure Boot in the BIOS. I was hoping it would also restore the ability to drag tabs directly from one screen to the other, but no go.


                    It looks as though I'll have to live with the suggestion from Thomas, selecting the PCB file, for instance, in a new window then dragging the window to the other screen. It works well enough.


                    Surely, this is one of the myriad of things that will be addressed in the "next release" of Circuit Studio. Yeah, right.