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    7" Touch screen only displays vertical lines


      Hi All,


      I just bought a 7" toch screen for my Pi 3 B. I have gone through the setup instructions I have a verified good micro SD.  I have run the updates and the Pi works when plugged into a HDMI to a large screen.  I bought the screen through Amazon.  I have tried the power configuration using the GPIO jumpers and I have tried powering the boards separately without the Jumpers.  I get the same results vertical colored lines with no response to the touch screen.  I have tried two different ribbon cables all resulted in the same vertical lines.  Anyone have any suggestions?

      PS: The magic smoke has not been released.

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          It sounds like an incomplete connection. If you aren't too familiar with these little ribbon connectors and their locking mechanisms, read up on how to seat them all properly - they can be a little tricky. You probably installed the ribbons correctly, but it is worth checking because it is the most likely issue and the simplest to fix.

          You could also closely inspect the connectors to see if they aren't damaged, or you could even measure continuity of all connections.


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              Hello Douglas,


              I have tested the continuity of both my ribbon cables and the both test fine--thanks for the suggestion.  I have re-seated the cables multiple times and have tried with and without the GPIO connections

              I have tried multiple Raspian OS install each on different 16 GB Micro SD cards.  One was even a purchased pre-loaded card all had the latest version (September 2019 and had Update and Upgrade run).  I still have the same results.


              I appreciate your time and your suggestions, thank you.