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    Is it possible to get a POWER-based SBC?




      I am interested in the POWER ISA, and I know about projects such as Talos II (https://raptorcs.com/content/TL2WK2/intro.html) and Microwatt (https://github.com/antonblanchard/microwatt), and so on.


      I would like to experiment with POWER-based SBC's.  They don't have to be POWER9 because I've already got that particular CPU covered in the form of my Talos II (although still a work in progress to get it provisioned properly).


      I would like to purchase a few POWER-based SBC's and build a small, quiet cluster.  The intended use cases are as follows:

      • general purpose computing
      • digital signal processing
      • self-education about:
        • POWER ISA
        • clusters and distributed computing, including HA
        • formal reasoning about the state of a distributed system


      So far I have found


      I am continuing to researcg, but if you know of anybody who is producing POWER-based SBC's then I would be greatly appreciative if you could please, please let me know.  Thank you!!


      Kind regards,