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    CS 1.4.1 sporadically refuses to pour Polygons



      I always have problems with the poring of polygons since I use CircuitStudio. Sometmes you can pour them and sometimes not.

      At the moment I'm using CS 1.4.1 and I can't update it because of the expired subscription.


      At the moment I can't pour any polygons on the bottom side of the PCB but on the top side it works fiine. Here a video of that example for the +5V power net:


      Only exception: I can pour Polygons for the GND on the bottom side.


      Before that I tried to pour the same polygon on the top side for several hours and it also never worked. But suddenly the problem disappears and it works now although I didn't change anything.


      Can you confirm that this is a big in CS 1.4.1? Is that bug removed in the current version?


      I use Altium Designes for more that ten years and had never any issues with polygons.


      Thank You