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    Unable to embed video


      Have tried loading from inside the blog and also separately to no avail

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          Sorry to hear that Frank!


          dudley.nelson mcollinge Hi folks, any ideas in regards to the above?

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            When you say separately, do you mean the video uploaded to the forum okay and is visible there, but can't be embedded in your blog?

            Or the video has been uploaded to Youtube and can't be embedded in your blog from there?

            Or the video just won't upload to the forum properly?

            I don't know if it is related, but the element14 web site is incredibly slow today.

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                Hi Doug,


                yes, I mean it uploaded to the forum but would not embed in the blog.  I found things slow last night and again this morning.

                edit:  the above refers to this mornings attempt.  last night the first video loaded but was incomplete - it could be viewed but not the entire video.  The second failed.

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                The second video (there are two) that I attempted to upload to the forum earlier was completed successfully and I was able to embed it just now by doing something different than what I tried before. 

                Embed Window

                In the window I above I chose the "Choose Video" tab and then selected the desired video.  Previously it failed when I tried using the "Embed a video" button in the window.

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                  Dudley Nelson

                  Hi fmilburn


                  I've found Motor Controller Test - which definitely failed, we had a timeout error when passing the video up to Brightcove.


                  I can see you've got a video in now. You did what I would suggest - on a failure, try again a second time. There's a lot of code under the hood when uploading video and there is plenty that can go wrong, especially when the file sizes are big.


                  Something I will occasionally suggest to people here, you can upload a video to the site as a standard video record and then embed that into content. Sometimes that's easier for people, especially if they are doing something secretive like a pi launch.


                  That's easy to do, create a video, upload your video to it and save it. Copy the url to that video. Then go to your content and embed a video and paste in the url.





                  Not suggesting for a moment that this is what you should have done to get around the error, just offering everyone here a slightly different technique that sometimes proves useful.

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