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    Multipart components imported from Eagle


      I was using Eagle 6.6 up to now, and am presently evaluating CircuitStudio 1.52. An important aspect, of course, is importing existing Eagle projects, and, even more important, libraries. While this in general seems to work, there are a few issues / questions:


      • I imported a library that contains several multipart components (dual and quad Op Amps with separate power pins.) The import went ok, I can insert the parts into the circuit. When I try to edit the component, I always get the symbol of part A into the library editor, I can't edit the symbol of parts B and above. Bug, or (as I suppose and as usual) the problem sitting in front of the screen? Happy for any int what is going wrong
      • In Eagle, I was used to the name / value concept, inserting components like resistors or capacitors as generic components ito the schematic and assigning their value either during placement or later - without selecting a different component in the library. CS does not import the "value" parameter from Eagle libs. I can add this manually to my generic components and set the "comment" property to =value to get the same behavior, but maybe there is a more elegant way.
        % for a certain project,
        I am well aware, that the use of this type of generic components breaks the whole BOM / supplier link logic, but at least I don't buy 23 resistors 10k 1% 0805 for a certain prototype, I buy 500 of them when I see that my stock gets low, and I don't care much about the manufacturer.

      finally a comment: I would very much appreciate the availability of proper written documentation, i.e. a "User's Manual" that describes in a logical order the workflow, and a "Reference manual" describing in detail every dialogue, parameter, etc. Video tutorials are nice - but I am part of the pre - Netflix generation and prefer a book ten times over a video.


      looking forward to some comments...


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          Maybe you can put the problem part or two into their own library and attach it to a reply to this topic in the forum.  Then someone can open and confirm the behavior you see.  Might be best to start with the already imported part you ended up with.  I have imported from Eagle before but never a multi-part type symbol.


          Regarding the use of a value field to modify parts at the schematic level instead of having separate library parts.  I used to do this in Altium Designer and it was easy to filter and select parts with the value and them modify parameters as a group.  However, CircuitStudio makes this difficult since it lacks the find similar objects capability.  Whatever works for you is the way you should work.  I think if you end up trying to make and maintain a BOM and provide it to a client or company then having all the information on the component/library level is better.


          There is some written documentation of CS in web page form but you will find some of it as placeholders and incomplete.  Often, you can use the Altium Designer documents for some guidance but will have to learn what does and what doesn't apply to CS.  If you get stumped on a feature then post a question in the forum.  This should help us all learn.  Your complaint about lack of documentation may be valid but videos and getting the users to do some of the support and documentation seems to be the way things are done by most companies these days.


          Best regards....

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              thanks for the reply.


              The "editing imported multiparts" is solved, I found out how to do it.


              Generic parts: My use of that kind of parts results from 2 reasons: One, absolute standard stuff like resistors and capacitors. I will here probably re - create my personal library from scratch, and put those parameters into the part I consider reasonable. This will be, however, a rather small library. The footprints I will find in existing libraries.

              The second reason I used generic parts were some simple semiconductors, tranistors in TO92 or SOT23, or opampin SO8. If I did not find the exact part in Eagle's supplied loibraries, I was just to lazy to either search the net or modify the library myself. My impression is that Altium has a much larger component base than Eagle, Also, some of my selfe - created Ealgle libraries might be obsolete just because the component is in the vault or one of the downloadable libraries.


              Documentation: That I prefer written stuff to videos is just my personal preference and may have to do with age. On the other issue, "getting the users to do some of the support and documentation" I disagree. This is perfectly legitimate with Open Source software, where the author has no financial interest and presents his work to the public on an "as Is" basis. With commercial software, IMHO, the obligation to provide adequate documentation rests with the supplier. Forums and other means of user support can be a valuable supplement, but never a replacement.


              Best regards,


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