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    Available via API? Weight, HS code, UNSPSC code.


      The Farnell website shows "weight" as a property for products.

      Via the REST API I don't see it returned.

      Is it available via the API?


      Additionally, is data about HS code & UNSPSC code available?


      Many thanks,


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          Hey Jaco - so sorry about not getting to this sooner and providing you with a response. :-(


          At the moment - the data you note is not available via our API - but we have a list of new data that we want to provide and I will have this added to the list. Our API offering is just one of many items on our project plans to improve through this year and we are currently prioritising our work for API and our websites. I cnat promise any dates for change just yet - but thanks for raising my awareness of the needs! They will be taken into account. :-)