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    My RoadTest Audit: Review Completion and Eligibility


      If you have been part of the roadtest group, you will probably have heard that I conduct audits of the roadtest reviews. I have to go through the roadtests and see who has or hasn't complete their reviews. This information goes to our sponsors, who pay for the products and the administration of the program.


      Some of the reviews have been for test equipment, so I'm not thrilled about this. There are plenty of other applicants who would love to be selected to roadtest products and are happy to fulfill their obligations to write a review.


      As of today, A number of roadtesters have not completed their reviews by the deadline. For some of them it has been months after the deadline. (Uncompleted reviews before the deadline are not included because they are still 'in revew.')


      To maintain your eligibility in the roadtest program, you must complete your reviews. If you are having problems, leave a comment and other members may help you. At the very least, you need to message me and tell me about your difficulties. I will get you some help.



      Randall Scasny

      RoadTest Program Manager

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          Dear Randall,


          I was one of those who didn't complete the New Year's Grab Bag RoadTest roadtest in time because of several reasons, some explained also in the review. I didn't want to leave unfinished work behind therefore, I worked to finish the roadtest I enrolled at and at which I started to work at the beginning of last year. I succeeded to finish the upload of the review and associated files on January 2, 2020. I thought you will be announced automatically that the road test was completed so I didn't think to also notify you of this situation. I think you were not automatically announced about this, a motive for which I received your message regarding the "road test audit review completion and eligibility". I am writing to you now to let you know that I finished the roadtest so you can audit it. Please let me know if it is ok and that the review can be considered to be done.

          I know that I am not as eligible as I was before this roadtest but I hope it will be not for too long.

          I still have a very busy schedule so it will be hard for me to enroll for a new roadtest in the next period. On the other hand, you are bringing some boards and devices that are so interesting, that it is so hard to resist not to enroll. And when I see your messages saying that you are missing roadtesters for some boards that are really interesting for me, it is even harder.


          Best regards,



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              I remember you contacting me about the review and I believe some problems you were having. I also see you did post the review. You are a roadtester in good standing according to my records and are as eligible as anyone else on element14.


              By contacting me, you have demonstrated a level of professionalism that some people do not have. Specifically, those who accept a piece of expensive test equipment and do not have the courtesy to post the review, tell me what their problem is, or return the product.


              I realize you as well as many of our other roadtesters are busy people. I also realize that problems occur on a roadtest beyond your, my or both of our control. I I am very flexible when a roadtester communicates with my or my assistant Dan Zima, That's all I really ask as a minimum.



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              WHen we ‘complete’ a review, is there anything specific we need to do to let you know?  Perhaps I’ve missed an instruction or bit of information somewhere.

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                  Some roadtesters will email me about when they post a review.


                  It's nice but not necessary.


                  I look at the reviews daily.




                  I have my bosses asking me about the reviews. I have our account managers and product managers asking. And I have the sponsor asking me. Roadtest reviews are perhaps one of the most asked about pieces of content on element14.


                  By the time a roadtester is asked about progress on a specific review, lots of people have asked me.


                  Randall Scasny

                  RoadTest Program Manager

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                  I can only surmise that this was perhaps one high-value RoadTest which failed the audit: Cellular Network Analyser, which seems quite unfortunate. It does reflect poorly on the community and may affect sponsor relations - an issue that was previously raised and discussed.


                  But overall, on a sampling of the more recent RoadTests that I looked at, it seems that most of them are at least completed with all reviewers returning a review, even if a little late. I wonder whether the reminder e-mails have any effect?


                  - Gough