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    SI analysis in Altium with PicoZed 7030




      I'm currently working on a custom carrier board for the PicoZed 7030 board. I'm doing the design in Altium and as the design utilizes LVDS signals and some other high speed differential signals. So I would like to use the SI analysis tools built into Altium. For that I would need the IBIS model, but also I believe I would need to have the PicoZed board design (with traces, vias etc.) for correct analysis. Has somebody done a SI analysis for PicoZed using Altium and has some information how to go about this? From the PicoZed documentation site I can download the PDF3D and step files and in the PDF I can select specific traces as objects. But can I utilize this somehow in Altium?


      Thank you for your help!

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          I think maybe the best course of action is for you to work with your local Avnet FAE to work out an arrangement. I spoke with our Design Services group. As you can imagine, they are very sensitive about releasing the full source. This is something that is typically only done with a paid license and non-compete agreements. However, we obviously want to enable you to be successful with your Carrier design. Our Design Services does offer PCB simulation as a service, but they use Hyperlynx. If you are interested in pursuing that, we can set you up with a consultation with them to discuss. They have not used Altium's PCB simulation tool. If there was an encrypted model that could be exported from the SOM source that protects their IP, then I think they would be willing to do that. So, that brings me back to my original statement that it is probably best to coordinate a consultation with your local FAE. Do you know who your local Avnet FAE is?