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    12V Low Battery Cutoff


      I am looking for the best/lowest current draw way to create a low battery cutoff for a 12v battery powered circuit.  The battery will power a micro-controller and also a number of solenoids that may draw up to 10 amps.  Because of the high amperage draw lithium ion batteries may be out of the question.  I could be wrong but when dealing with a high amperage draw, a NiMh may be the better solution.  The amperage will draw be of a short duration, probably 1 second.  I know it is common for lithium ion batteries to have built in low battery cutoff circuits but when dealing with a standalone NIMh battery or any other generic 12v battery what would be the best way to set up a low battery(10.6v) cutoff?  There are low battery cutoff modules, but I find these to be defective half the time and they draw too much current.  There are low battery cutoff IC's I see but they only deal with low voltage supplies like 5v or less.  Does anyone know of a low voltage cutoff ic that works with 12v batteries?  I may or may not be using a 555 timer and/or an attiny85 microcontroller in the circuit.  Can these devices be used to create a low voltage cutoff?  I programmed an arduino to cutoff the voltage at 10.5 volts using the serial monitor but I could only get this to work when the Arduino was plugged in to computer via usb.  Does serial monitor work with a microcontroller when powered by battery alone or does it need to be plugged into a computer via usb?