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    Components being swapped during cut-and-paste?!?


      SO in CircuitStudio I have opened an existing design.

      It has a bunch of resistors and caps that are all 0603 size (not the metric size, the other ones)

      I need some more resistors of the same size and value. So this is what I have done:


      1. Copy and Paste one resistor (R11)


      2. Used the ribbon tool to "reset duplicates"

      3. Used the ribbon too to "Annotate quietly" - the new resistor gets called "R3"



      4. Used the ribbon tool to "Update PCB..."

      And now my PCB has the extra resistor - except for some unknown reason it has been morphed to an 0603 METRIC sized one!

      Note the difference in size between R11 and R3 in the pcb screengrab above.


      How do I stop CS from morphing my components when being transferred to the PCB?