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    How to unlock the Full Potential of Vehicle Data? /WEBINAR


      A new type of automotive processor is needed to safely and securely transport and process exponentially-increasing vehicle data, support secure edge-to-cloud communications, and enable new vehicle services that can generate revenue and reduce costs for OEMs, while enabling new vehicle experiences.


      The Unlocking the Full Potential of Vehicle Data with a New Type of Automotive Processor webinar will introduce the concept of "Vehicle Network Processing" and how future connected vehicles will require a dramatic increase in performance and networking to deliver data-driven opportunities. Get to know the S32G Vehicle Network Processor that will help transform OEMs from carmakers into vehicle data-driven service providers with expanded business opportunities.


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      (Tuesday) March 3, 2020 @ 9:00 am PST



      During this 45-minute webinar, Brian Carlson (Director, Product Line Management for Vehicle Network Processors) will highlight how rapid vehicle data growth is creating new challenges and opportunities and how “Vehicle Network Processing” can unlock the full potential of vehicle data. He will also cover how NXP is helping automakers bring new differentiating ideas to market. Later, Brian will talk about the key features of the S32G vehicle network processor and its enablement resources, finalizing with how to develop and deploy S32G-based products.