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    NES Hackberry Android Console


      I have a broken 620 in 1 nes console bought from Amazon, the case was perfect, so i decided to save it.

      I cutted the back of the NES with a scissors with attention to leave open the space for the Hackberry singol board

      computer I/O ports, removed the old electronic how much possible i have fit the hackberry without glue and

      close the cabinet with 3 of his screws. It fit perfectly!

      I have used has controller a NES usb one connect from the back to Hackberry.

      I have personalized the android wallpaper with a Super Mario wallpaper, and tryed to install with no luck a nes emulator

      (every install say error package is invalid) i have successfully installed with a lot of luck the game 1920 fight plane and it works.

      These are the results for now!


      620 in 1 boxnes android frontnes android backnes screennes screen 1