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    Looking for novel ways to create an air flow for dust or air quality sensor


      I'm looking at various dust sensors for a home monitoring application - one location would be a bedroom.


      I noticed that some of these sensors, such as Omron's B5W-LD0101 sensor, for example, include a resistor inside the sensor which acts as a heater to generate an air flow or air drift past the optical sensor which then measures the particulate density.


      Some others, such as Sharp's GP2Y10## do not include heaters.


      The Sharp sensor is attractive because of low cost.


      I now want to explore novel ways to generate air flow to improve measurement quality with a Sharp Air Quality sensor.


      One idea I had, but have not sure if it would work, was to use an ultrasonic sensor, such as the cheap HC-SR04 to gently agitate a surface to "move" air flow through the inlet. I know you get ultrasonic cleaners but I thought that if the ultrasonic pulse is low power it certainly won't clean but maybe it would at least agitate air / dust particulates a little etc. I also liked this idea as the ultrasonic sensor could maybe be placed a couple of centimetres away. With resistors generating heat, I would assume the resistor has to be placed right at the inlet which is not always possible.


      I know another obvious option is a small fan run off a dc motor but that would be noisy and not suitable at night, especially in a bed room.


      Any other ideas or thoughts on this topic.


      I look forward to feedback.