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    Application Locks Up on PCB Open, Missing Library?


      I can no longer open my PCB document. The application just locks up with no explanation. I suspect it's because I'm missing a library I used on the document but don't really have a way to get it back.


      Has anyone dealt with anything like this?

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          Some things to try might be:


          If your problem description is accurate and it is the PCB document and not the project file, then there might be older versions of the PCB doc in the history folder that might work if the PCB document is corrupted.


          If it is a corrupted project file, try making a new project and then copy the schematic and/or PCB file into the project directory and add as existing.

          If you cannot start up CS because it tries to open the problem project by default, then try renaming the project folder so CS cannot find it.


          If it is a missing library as you suspect, then I think it would just indicate that a file a missing.