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    PicoZed-SOM-7030_FMC-CC-V2 FSBL support


      Hello There,

          We are trying to get the PicoZed-SOM-7030 & FMC-CC-V2 setup working using the QSPI boot.



      - AES-Z7PZ-7Z030-SOM-I-G/REV-E

      - AES-PZCC-FMC-V2-G 


      Xilinx SDK: 2019.1


      We are using the new FMC-CC-V2 and a Xilinx JTAG platform cable.

      We were able to validate some of the basic tutorials listed below.

      The FPGA programming seems to work and indicate the blue-done LED. 


      The Peripheral & Memory test seems to succeed and show ‘PASS’.


      However, we are encountering issue while attempting to perform the Boot & FSBL setup in tutorial-04.



      We get the following error when we attempt to 'Program Flash'.
      Xilinx Tools> Program Flash.


      Connected to hw_server @ TCP:
      Available targets and devices:
      Target 0 : jsn1
      Target 1 : jsn-DLC10-000013ccf4ec01
      Device 0: jsn-DLC10-000013ccf4ec01-4ba00477-0


      Retrieving Flash info...


      Initialization done, programming the memory
      ===== mrd->addr=0xF800025C, data=0x00000000 =====
      BOOT_MODE REG = 0x00000000
      Downloading FSBL...
      ===== mrd->addr=0xF8000110, data=0x00177EA0 =====
      READ: ARM_PLL_CFG (0xF8000110) = 0x00177EA0
      ===== mrd->addr=0xF8000100, data=0x0001A008 =====
      READ: ARM_PLL_CTRL (0xF8000100) = 0x0001A008
      ===== mrd->addr=0xF8000120, data=0x1F000400 =====
      READ: ARM_CLK_CTRL (0xF8000120) = 0x1F000400
      ===== mrd->addr=0xF8000118, data=0x00177EA0 =====
      READ: IO_PLL_CFG (0xF8000118) = 0x00177EA0
      ===== mrd->addr=0xF8000108, data=0x0001A008 =====
      READ: IO_PLL_CTRL (0xF8000108) = 0x0001A008
      Problem in Initializing Hardware
      Flash programming initialization failed.


      ERROR: Flash Operation Failed



      We tried all the available flash-type options, no luck yet.

      We were wondering if this is a known issue or requires additional HW/SW setup.

      Appreciate your support.