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    correct pinout expansion header


      I need confirmation on the pin-out of the expansion header of the Cirrus Logic Audio Card.:


      I have the last 4 pins working as buttons ( pin 20 = BCM 26, pin 19 = BCM 16 , pin 18 = BCM 12 , pin 17 = BCM 6 )

      but I need a few more, to wire IR, relays ,buttons and rotary controllers to my setup.

      According to https://www.element14.com/community/servlet/JiveServlet/previewBody/72041-102-1-303775/CirrusSchematics.pdf  I can also use BCM3,4,5 .

      But I have trouble to configure and or connect to them.

      So , Are they really available on the connector ?

      Are they not combined with functions and drivers of the card ?

      And are there even more GPIO signals available ?


      I remember there were incomplete/faulty documents by the manufacturer. So what is the correct verified list ?


      T.I.A. M-H