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    Wishlist for CS?


      In the hopes that CS continues to be maintained can we put together a wishlist for the developers?


      For me I'd like to see:


      • Support for rooms.  It's great having hierarchial schematics but without the PCB 'twin' it creates a lot of PCB work.
      • Footprint manager and/or parameter manager (as per Altium).
      • An easier method of selecting similar items (as per Altium's "Find similar...")


      I'm sure there's plenty more things but I just bought CS having used AD for over a decade CS is so close to being the perfect PCB layout tool it's such a shame to be missing the mark on possibly just a handful of functions.

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          My big wish for CS is that Altium would treat it like a real product and support it.


          I use Altium Designer every day at work and have been ever since PCAD was killed. I use CS for my hobby projects and would think Altium would make CS into an AD Lite. By doing this, they can sell CS to serious hobbyist and startup companies that cannot afford AD. When those startups grow, they would then be able to seamlessly upgrade to AD with all of its bells and whistles.


          Given the way Altium hasn't supported CS, I would switch to Eagle, but it just so clunky. If Altium doesn't make some movement with CS, I'll be forced to go that route at some point. For now, I'll keep using CS and live with the bugs.

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            There was a thread a while ago where I posted and later updated my wish list in November 27 2019. Full link here...

            Altium Circuit Studio Development???   There was a poll done in 2017 also.


            I will repost the my wish list below so you don't have to go through the whole thread.

            We are all hoping to hear some official word that CS is still an active development effort at Altium.  Maybe the recent twitter post is encouraging.


            For now, CS does what I need but it does have a productivity penalty compared to full AD versions.  I don't need the advanced features of AD such as flex circuit design, scripting and such.


            Here is my list:

            1) In PCB; improved Polygon Pour manager with ability to clearly set the order of pouring (similar to AD).  This makes the top of my list if this is to be considered a professional use ECAD, others are not necessarily in any priority order.

            2) Add Sch List panel like in AD; this would provide a selectable list of schematic parts by ref des; this is similar to what is in PCB but seems to be missing in the schematic entry.

            3) In schematics and PCB; Find (and select and edit) similar objects

            4) Overall; add Project packager wizard; allows easy creation of zip file of critical design files for archiving

            5) Overall; CAM viewer integration like in AD.  Might be done as an installed tool or some sort of link to a 3rd party tool.

            6) In PCB; Place a proper layer stackup table in the drill/fabrication drawing; current workaround is to make a separate drawing using screen shots.  The project reports can generate one in MS Excel format that is OK but cannot be put onto the drill drawing easily.

            7) In PCB; Add teardrops to selected PCB routing

            8) In PCB; Upgrade component footprint wizard to IPC compliant version. The one in CS is OK but I miss the one from AD

            9) In PCB; add a shortcut/ hot key to switch metric and imperial; curiously this presently does this in PCB library editor’s pad window with CTRL-Q

                [we sort of can do this with Alt-h G M or Alt-h G I;  so I'm happy enough and would prefer to see other features ahead of this.]  But it would be nice if CTRL-Q toggled imperial and metric consistently throughout the PCB windows.

            10) PCB rule generation; improve the Rules Wizard to a) allow editing of the rules scope of an existing rule and b) add in more of the query keywords that Altium Designer has.  For 'a', existing rules scope can be editted by exporting the rule to a *.rul file and modifying in a text editor and then importing back.  It would be easier if there was a way to open the rule scope directly from within CircuitStudio and modify it using the rules wizard menus.  Also, would be nice to add in 'OR' logic to the existing 'AND' logic for combining the keywords to build more specific rule scope.

            11) In PCB;  For 3D bodies, add a menu and/or ribbon tool icon to add free (unattached) 3D body and improve measurement tool in 3D viewer.

            [Note there is a command to add free 3D body that is not on the tool bar.  When in PCB and 2D mode, use the Search box to type in Place.  It should autocomplete with a selection for Place 3D body.  This becomes a free 3D body rather than one associated with a component. When in 3D mode, place commands are available for moving and orienting the model.]

            12) In PCB editor, we used to have a way to define a board shape from a 3D body and that was lost from version 1.3 to 1.4.  It would be nice to have that function restored.

            13) In PCB editor, the menu command for Edit Board Shape seems to be non-functional or non-intuitive.  How is this supposed to work? (added May 2020)

            14) In general user interface, fix the ability to re-order the tabs.  Presently, it seems to have a tiny hot spot where it will work or maybe it is intermittent.

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              I have high hopes for CS:

              7) In PCB; Add teardrops to selected PCB routing

              8) In PCB; Upgrade component footprint wizard to IPC compliant version.

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                Schematic/PCB Inspector are good and powerfull tools but without the ability to copy and paste parameters it is almost useless in terms of productivity !

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                  I would like to see updates within 12mo's  .......  over a year now, and nothing!