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    New Gamification Badges Introduced

    Christopher Stanton

      I've been digging around into the Gamification on our element14 Community and acknowledging that a lot of good effort has not been appropriately rewarded.


      From now on there are further activities that will give you points, and badges:


      - Applying to join a RoadTest will gain you 250 points

      - Posting a RoadTest Review will get you a badge, including points:

      - Applying to join a Design Challenge will gain you 250 points

      - Posting your first blog when you're a challenger will gain you a badge, and points. As will posting 10 blogs when you're a challenger, along with points:

      - You will be rewarded with a badge/points for replying and helping out your fellow design challengers, regardless of whether or not you're a challenger so long as your reply's marked as helpful:


      We may also have badges and awards for winners of Design Challenges, distribution of those are at the discretion of e14phil and element14 Community staff as they're manually awarded, rather than automatically.