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    W25Q32FV -- Help for footprint


      Hello again you might notice me that im arround here a lot! I need your help again!
      The past 2 days i was trying to make a flash memory footprint! I made one but i noticed that it was wrong! the pins weren't aligned correctly !!

      Here is the datasheet ! i cant fin the spacing between them! The datasheet maybe gives them to me but im a starter and i cant see them xD


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          Hi George,


          For pin spacing see the red indications below to understand how to read the value, it. is 1.27mm. You'll have to spend time examining these drawings because they appear in every datasheet.

          However, this isn't the diagram to use to make a footprint. You need to google-search for "land pattern" and the package code. So, if this is (say) a Winbond chip, then you need to search for "Winbond ST package land pattern" or "Winbond VSOP 208-mil land pattern" or similar (either via google, or ideally search directly on the manufacturer website). Compare with the diagram below to confirm it looks correct, and then use the dimensions on the land pattern drawing.