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    Circuit Studio Edit track segment or whole track or class



      I have been trying to edit say +3V3 net in different ways. I want to be able to select multiple segment ir the whole net length or the class (POWER) that exists in the design.


      What ever I do when I select more than one segment, is only change a segment tracks width.


      I use the shift key to select multiple segments, I have tried to PCB inspector to select the +3V3 many nets, but it does not change.


      My rules are set, so the maxium track size is within the range Im trying to change it to.


      Any suggestions welcome.


      Is there a way to select a track segment and then say promote this to the whole track length to then change it.




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          Sorry, I'm not super clear on what you are trying to do.


          There are a number of ways to select just a track. Here is one I think you are asking for.


          Select one segment of the track while pressing/holding the CTRL key.  If you have the mask level and dim levels set right, then all copper connected to the track (or pad) should be highlighted and other items dimmed.  Next using the toolbar for Home > Selection Filter and choose Tracks. Now if you drag the mouse on the highlighted items it should filter on just the tracks.  PCB inspector should allow you to change the track widths.  To deselect the highlighted items, press and hold CTRL key again and mouse click on an area that does not have anything.


          Another way is to use the toolbar, Home > Clipboard section and the Select drop down box. Pick the Physical Connection option then mouse pick on one of the tracks.  This should pick all the tracks that connect and also vias and poly-pours, etc.  Then use the selection filter on Tracks as I said above to narrow down the selection to just the tracks.  Then change tracks parameters width with PCB Inspector.


          If you don't know, you can press and hold the CTRL key while you mouse click on the layer tabs.  That will highlight (or unhighlight) the layer of the tab you picked.  This is the same as right clicking on the layer tab and choosing the highlight check box.


          If you only want to work with tracks on one layer then use single layer mode (Shift-S).


          If I select things this way, I can change widths on all the segments that are selected.