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    Insulation Tester Component Identification


      Hello All,


      I have a component in the CA6526 insulation tester that I am trying to identify. It looks like it is switching the HV transformer, but it is a 4 legged device that I am not used to. Generally I see an IGBT or MOSFET performing this function. Three of the pins are shorted together, so it could be that it still is a type of switching transistor, but all the searches I have done, have drawn a blank at the moment.


      The text on the component is;




      1722 D4



      This is the actual component


      Device close up


      This is where the component sits on the PCB;


      Component position


      A different angle with the focus on the other components;


      Component position


      Could anybody assist with identification of the component and then hopefully I can find a data sheet?


      Kind regards