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    Introducing Raspberry Pi new imaging utility


      Amid the Covid-19 virus emails, I received this notice of the release of new imaging software for the Raspberry Pi. http://raspberrypi.hosted.phplist.com/lists/lt.php?tid=KUVSUQQGBAxWAk5XUQBVTlcLU1RPAQEFUx5QCVNVVgADX1ABVQdKVAcBWgFZBlROU…


      I'm an Etcher users for Raspberry Pi images and a UNetBootin for all other imaging requirements. The ad vert proposes this is an all in one imager.


      This news may be new to me and just old news to other members. I was wondering if anyone has used the software and can provide their opinion? I have download the Ubuntu install for a test trial. The folks in the E14 community are very good at sharing their insight. Anyone had cause to use the software?