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    Why this wire wants to go around the pad and connect from behind?


      I'm wiring a simple PCB by hand. I'm a complete noob, and puzzled by why this wire wants to connect at the back of this pad. The wire and the pads are connected to the same net (there is an airwire between the pad and the already-routed part of the wire).


      If I start from the pad, then I can create a straight wire.


      Am I _supposed_ to route this from "behind"? What's going on here?


      The part is "LED (Version 10)", footprint "SMARTLED-TTW (Version 1)", library "led (Version 5)". But I have seen the same behaviour with an SMD resistor.


      Screenshot... the intended route path might be a bit difficult to see here, but if you look closely you can see it wants to go over and around the pad and connect to if from the right side.