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    TIDL example on Beagle-Bone AI



      I was trying to run TIDL segmentation example provided in debian@beaglebone:/usr/share/ti/examples/tidl/segmentation  using ./segmentation. but it is raising following error:



      debian@beaglebone:/usr/share/ti/examples/tidl/segmentation$ ./segmentation

      CMEM Error: init: major version mismatch between interface and driver.

      CMEM Error:     needs driver version 0x4150002, got 0x4160000

      TIOCL FATAL: The cmemk kernel module is not installed. Consult the OpenCL UserGuide at http://software-dl.ti.com/mctools/esd/docs/opencl/index.html


      My kernel version is:



      I have updated kernel from 4.14. Is that causing problem?

      How can I recompile the codes which use TIDL library?

      If I try gcc main.cpp in same segmentation folder it raises



      debian@beaglebone:/usr/share/ti/examples/tidl/segmentation$ gcc main.cpp

      main.cpp:44:22: fatal error: executor.h: No such file or directory

      #include "executor.h"


      compilation terminated.


      Also can we use TIDL in python?