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    Zedboard & camera link interface board



      I'm trying to get the Zedboard to work with a Camera link interface board (https://www.alpha-data.com/esp/products.php?product=fmc-cameralink ). I have searched all the Xilinx forums and the only thing I get is https://forums.xilinx.com/t5/FPGA-Configuration/Interfacing-cameralink-board-with-zedboard/td-p/1068287?_ga=2.81208087.1…  . I have had a look at this design app (xapp1017) and although it synthesizes it doesn't implement. I get:

      What really I'm looking for is a Camera link input IP block that can be used on the Zedboard ideally with an AXIS output (I'm using Vivado 2018.3). Any ideas?