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    easiest way to use different BOM entry for same component?




      so, I designed a board using a particular connector symbol and footprint for multiple. I now want to designate on the BOM that some of these connectors are to be one part number and some are to be a different part number. the new component will still be symbol and footprint compatible. however, since they're the same component/footprint in the design, they are all on a single line of the BOM. I have a slight workaround where I go into each component in the schematic and change the description of each instance to include the part number meant for that instance. this isn't ideal, since now I have a single line of the BOM with a REALLY long description because it concatenates all of the descriptions together.


      so, is there a way to force a component to be a separate line item on the BOM?

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          To me, they are different parts and should have different schematic and PCB library parts.  However, to do what you want you need a distinguishing parameter.  Then when you configure the BOM generation there is a grouped column section.  Pick the parameter name from the All columns section below and drag it into the Grouped columns section and drop in the order you want.  So, if you have a manufacturer's part number that you modified, include that parameter into the grouped columns and check the box.


          For example, in my libraries I have a parameter called Component DNP.  If I want non-populated parts of a same type such as a resistor to show on a separate line then I enter the text (DNP) in the parameter value.  Then, the BOM will group together the not-installed parts on their own group line.  Plus, I make the parameter value visible so it shows on the schematic as text (DNP).

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