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    AXI Memory map read access...Zedboard


      Hello, I'm working with a co-worker to setup a simple application that handles some data collected from an ADC. He is handling the acquisition of the data from ADC. I'm managing the main application. I've configured a petalinux build which I have up and running on the Zedboad. What I'm looking for is some direction, resources, or examples of accessing the memory space he is storing the data in. He has already set up the memory space. The data will be mapped into  0x400000000 - 0x400003FF - Data[32:0]. I will need to control GPIO for status and system control. Just two: GPIO_1 bit_0 - TRIGGER R/W, and GPIO_1 Bit_1 - DONE RO


      I've never used the zedboard or accessed memory directly before. What I'm doing with the data after I retrieve it, I'm good to go. But actually retrieving the data from the memory is where I'm lost. I know I'll be using AXI and I've done some research on how it operates. However, I haven't found any examples of how to actually implement it.


      Does someone know of an example or guide I can reference to help development.


      Thank you for your time and help.


      Best regards,